Every $1 of our operating budget distributes $8-$10 of food

How many can you feed today?

Financial contributions are the most effective way to help New Jersey's hungry. For every $1 of our operating budget we can distribute between $8 - $10 worth of food. No where will your dollar mean so much to so many.

Right now in New Jersey, one out of every five children lacks access to the adequate nutrition needed for their physical and psychological health. Their learning, development and family life are effected by irregular meals, inadequate food intake and reduced quality food.The Community FoodBank of New Jersey is the safety net for these children and their families, ensuring there is somewhere to turn for help.

Giving to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey means reaching out to your neighbors in need with food, help and hope. Your donation will be effectively and efficiently used. Ninety-five cents of every dollar donated goes directly to fighting hunger in your community and communities throughout New Jersey.

One in five children in New Jersey is hungry, let's make it zero.

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